Ten React Hooks

Hooks are one of the most important and useful features in React. Today I am going to talk about such ten paramount react hooks-

  • useState: A very popular and commonly used react hook. Usually this hook will return a pair — an initial state and a function to update the current state.
  • useEffect: Another concurrently used hook which is used to do something after rendering. React will remember the effect and call it later after performing DOM updates.
  • useContext: A very useful hook which is used to give access to specific part of a code without nesting.
  • useArray: This hook provides us with different array manipulation methods.
  • useAuthState: This hook is used for authentication through firebase.
  • useLocation: useLocation gives access to location prop in React router.
  • useParams: This react router helps a lot in accessing different items or pages by accessing search parameter in the URL.
  • useRouteMatch: This hook provides access to the matched object.
  • useHistory: useHistory gives access to history props in React router.
  • useRedux: This hook provides an API to connect react components and redux store.

Why I have written this shortest simplest introduction of React Hooks? Well, you can take a look here, and start googling any hook that you need to use or has created interest within you. I have memorised the functions of these ten important ,popular hooks this simple way. I hope these simple definitions will also help you in same way.



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