Hooks are one of the most important and useful features in React. Today I am going to talk about such ten paramount react hooks-

If you are familiar with HTML,CSS,Bootstrap, Javascript,but at a loss about choosing framework, React will help you a great deal. Because it will direct you to a path, help you to create clean and organised code.

When you will use react, you will feel react has taken some smart and standard decisions for you already. It will help you to learn which is smart and better and as a beginner, you will feel less burdened with decisions.

You will find react so amazing when you will need to create,use,manipulate dynamic data. …

I have been reading, learning and researching about Javascript for quite some time. A lot I have learnt. Surely I have lot to learn more. Recently, I found ten important things I didn’t know before about javascript. Today I am going to talk about them!

**In Javascript

Despite being such a popular programming language, Javascript has some unique and interesting properties which makes it different from other popular languages. Today I am going to point out such ten facts-

If you are reading this, probably you have already entered in the magical world of Web Development( Being a Harry Potter fan, I tend to metaphorize my preferences with magic). To develop the Front End of a web page, may be most of you have already learnt the basic HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.But,none of these can make the front end easily and effectively dynamic and can’t connect it with the Back End.

Today I am not going to talk about the importance of JavaScript but going to share my knowledge and experience of a beginner who wanted to learn JavaScript shortly…

Mehera Binte Mizan

A Learner, an avid reader

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